Carotte & Caviar

Current Menu Examples

Menu 1

  • Asparagus loaf with a warm escarole salad and bacon chips
  • Poached skate with a lemon ginger vinaigrette and cumin seasoned fennel bulbs
  • Sweet tomato and green peppercorn crumble

Menu 2

  • Salmon, spinach, and guacamole napoleon topped with a poppy seed wafer
  • Guinea fowl breast and fig roll, oven roasted parsnips
  • Carrot cake with orange cumin "mousseline"

Menu 3

  • Upside down spinach and tomato tart with rosemary short pastry dough
  • Spring garlic-stuffed calamari's, provincial ratatouille
  • Honey-sweetened Corsican Bruccio sheep's milk cheese with candied fresh fruits

Menu 4

  • Tuna puff pastry, Napa cabbage with golden raisins and cider vinegar
  • Lamb saddle stuffed with spinach, oven roasted green beans and new potatoes
  • Ginger roasted bananas, star anis cream, and mint chocolate chip cookies

Menu 5

  • Green beans and Roquefort cheese, fresh almond toasts
  • Pesto-rolled sole filets, baby beets with coriander seeds
  • Red berry crumble and lavender-infused fresh fruit salad

Menu 6

  • Chicken skewers with peanut satay sauce
  • Poached perch with salsa piquant and a celery root puff pastry
  • Chocolate squares with Sichuan pepper custard cream

Menu 7

  • Eggplant, fig and goat cheese layered pie, red wine sauce
  • Simmered veal medallions with spring vegetables
  • Lime cream cake with cherry caramel sauce

Menu 8

  • Sea bream Carpaccio with a crab and celery root salad
  • Mushroom stuffed chicken breast, sautéed broccoli and mushroom garnish
  • An apple oven-roasted whole on French toast with a Calvados caramel sauce

Menu 9

  • Waldorf salad with green apples, blue cheddar, endives and walnuts
  • Oriental style salt cod surprise package with a red wine reduction
  • Chilled apple soup with hazelnut shortbreads

Menu 10

  • Lemon infused peppered mackerel spread in avocado boats
  • Chestnut stuffed pork roast with oven roasted heirloom vegetables
  • Sweet Manchego and quince fruit salad

Menu 11

  • Lentil and foie gras salad
  • Turbot cilantro rolls with a leak compote
  • Strawberry and kiwi fruit cup with Earl Grey jelly

Menu 12

  • Oriental asparagus sauté with dandelion greens and a citrus vinaigrette
  • Beef tenderloin and smashed potatoes
  • Strawberries au gratin with a honey vanilla sabayon

Menu 13

  • Napa cabbage and chicken liver warm salad
  • Ham steak with a pineapple chutney and wild rice pilaf
  • Lavender crème brulée

Menu 14

  • Cesear Salad
  • Cold beef roast with horseradish garnish
  • Lemon cheese cake

Menu 15

  • Fresh green vegetable medley
  • Bacon wrapped salmon tournedos with a broccoli soufflé
  • Pear and caramel tart